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Coffee Makers

Coffee Makers
Quickview Bajaj Majesty CEX11 4 Cups Coffee Maker  (Black)
Coming Soon
Brand: Bajaj Model: Model 591
1. Steam & Espresso Coffee Maker. 2. 4 Cup Espresso (240ml). 3. 3.5 to 4 bar working pressure for rich taste coffee. 4. With frothing fuction for making cappucino. 5. Removable & Washable drip Tray for easy cleaning. 6. Carafe with water level gauge. 7. Single Knob 3 Selection mode - filtrat..
Ex Tax:₹2,900
Quickview DeLonghi Esam4500 Coffee Maker  (Grey) DeLonghi Esam4500 Coffee Maker  (Grey)
In Stock
Model: Model 600
A cup of joe is all one needs to beat those morning blues. And no, we are not asking you to stand in front of your range and prepare a cup. Instead, you can get home this Delonghi Esam4500 coffee maker and prepare delicious, cafe-like coffee at home.Stream nozzleAdd some foam to your cup of joe with..
Ex Tax:₹89,171
Quickview DeLonghi KG49 12 cups Coffee Maker  (Black)
In Stock
Brand: DeLonghi Model: Model 597
Push to grind system, grind selector, cleaning brush, removable coffee container. Durable and long lasting stainless steel grinding blades. Grind 4 -12 cups of coffee with quantity control knob. Keep countertops clutter-free with self-contained cord storage. Quick cleaning with conveniently intregra..
Ex Tax:₹5,000
Quickview Maple MAF5 6 Cups Coffee Maker  (Black) Maple MAF5 6 Cups Coffee Maker  (Black)
Coming Soon
Brand: Maple Model: Model 596
Maple Coffee Maker saves your time, eliminating elaborate rituals involved in making Filter Coffee. This coffee maker is the perfect for every household and working environment and also helps you serve unannounced guests with a steaming hot coffee It comes with a glass jug to contain the coffee. The..
Ex Tax:₹1,466
Quickview Nettare Prima 1 Cups Coffee Maker  (Red) Nettare Prima 1 Cups Coffee Maker  (Red)
In Stock
Model: Model 590
Now it’s easy to enjoy gourmet Italian coffee at the push of a button! Just drop in a Nettare Capsule and within seconds you can have the perfect espresso shot or impress your friends with a perfectly made cappuccino. Nettare machines have been designed with renowned partners and designers, and brin..
Ex Tax:₹21,630
Quickview Smiledrive SD 5 Cups Coffee Maker  (Silver) Smiledrive SD 5 Cups Coffee Maker  (Silver)
Coming Soon
Brand: Smiledrive Model: Model 598
For those who love the aromatic taste of freshly grinded coffee, here is a must buy. Smiledrive coffee grinder is a small handy device that you can keep in your office or home, Make fresh batches of coffee powder from the beans and every time get that fresh aromatic coffee. Features 1) HANDY COFFEE ..
Ex Tax:₹2,023
Quickview Stok ST-ECM01 4 cups Coffee Maker  (Black)
Coming Soon
Model: Model 599
LARGE CAPACITY -800 Watt espresso and cappuccino machine with 4-cup carafe capacity (240ml), 3.5 bar working pressure for rich taste coffee. With frothing function for making cappuccino SAFETY AND AUTOMATIC -boiler cap with built-in valve, release pressure automatically system, aluminum alloy filter..
Ex Tax:₹2,575
Quickview Wonderchef 63111111 19 cups Coffee Maker  (Blue)
In Stock
Brand: Wonderchef Model: Model 596
There is no such thing as the right time to enjoy a good hot cup of coffee. With a stylish design, this coffee maker from Wonderchef will not just look presentable in your kitchen but even let you enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you feel like.Built-In SteamWith the built-in steam, the coffee mak..
Ex Tax:₹5,519
Quickview Wonderchef 63151724 10 cups Coffee Maker  (Orange)
In Stock
Brand: Wonderchef Model: Model 594
Finding it too hard to make coffee each morning? Bring home this Wonderchef coffee maker and let it make hot, delicious cup of coffee for you. This compact and efficient coffee maker will ensure that you stay charged for the rest of the day...
Ex Tax:₹2,199
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